Sunday Service begins at 10:00 am


Event Starts
Mar 30 at 12:00 pm
Event Ends
Mar 30 at 7:00 pm



On Good Friday, we remember that Jesus "PAID IN FULL" the cost of our redemption and then sent the Holy Spirit to empower us to be His disciples. Make it a priority to come to Life Bridge and personally Experience His Journey to the Cross. You can spend time at the various stations in His journey and reflect on the extreme suffering He experienced. Your tour will end with communion. A powerful reminder that Jesus' crucifixion ended the separation between each of us and God the Father enabling us to have an intimate relationship with God.

In preparation for your personal tour, it would be good to read John chapters 18-20.

You can start your tour on Friday, 30 March any time between noon to 2 pm or 5 to 7 pm. Come join us as, individually, we Experience the Cross.